I would like to install a station for public use

Contact us, provide information regarding station loacation and the energy sources avaliable in order to receive a quotation.

How do I add a station to the map?

Download the app NEXTCHARGE. Open the menu, top-right corner -> Add station -> follow the instructions.
Any station that has been added may take up to 24 hours before active.

Do you have a network of stations? Are you interested in becoming partners with NEXTCHARGE network?

If you have an existing network of stations or are planning to create one, you could easily connect your stations to the NEXTCHARGE network. Start to take advantage of the many unique and user-friendly features we have to offer, including: a complete app payment system connected to your stations and a first-rate management system.
For more info visit: https://evchargingstations.management

How do I pay with NEXTCHARGE?

Visit our website https://nextcharge.network or the relative FAQ
The NEXTCHARGE wallet use is currently limited and only available in certain countries.

How do I activate the CARD NEXTCHARGE?

Follow the instruction here: ACTIVATE
The CARD NEXTCHARGE is currently limited and only available in certain countries.