The Mission of our team is geared to the distribution of ecological culture through the creation of services designed and facilitated for the widespread use of electric cars.

Technological development in recent years, especially within the power cell research, has made the deployment of electric cars with performance and autonomy possible and comparable to that of internal combustion cars.

We are confident that this technology will be the inevitable future of the automotive market. We believe the resistance from users who fear the inconvenience and lack of a capillary distribution of charging stations will fall and that the incentives for purchases will become increasingly available by the state administrations. We have implemented:

  • an information gateway, designed to define the mapping of all the electric charging stations;

  • a mobile application where users can add new stations, photos and comments;

  • a management system that allows station owners to comfortably control their installations, no matter where they may stay.

Knowing the location of a charging station, whether it is available at any given time, easily booking a charge, or organizing a long distance journey with stops and providing appropriate autonomy to your charging needs are the services that our site will provide to You.

“Electric is the future and we're wanting you along for an enjoyable ride!”